What is HTML


Let’s take a piece of paper and put it in a frame. It should look like an empty, white tableau. Let’s imagine the piece of paper is infinite and we only see a part of it at a time. This infinite piece of paper is the HTML. It has no specific color, shape, size, nothing but it can have everything if we make it have.

Let’s paint the paper in 1 color. The whole infinity of it. Now the paper has one property called background-color. This property has the value equal to the name of the color.

What we just read it is almost correct. The property part is correct just that we need 1 more information. We need to let the browser,our frame, know what properties it should expect because as the time passes new ones keep getting invented. This is done with something called “doctype”. If this browser and frame parts look strange read the article about browsers first.

Every tableau has a name and a signature of the painter. Our HTML has it as well. We will see later how they look like. For now we should understand that they exist in the “head” of our document. It really is called “head” and it really has something inside it called “title” which is our actual title of the document.

We have learned about the infinite page, the HTML. This infinite document is nothing more than a file with text in it which does nothing. The browser, our frame of the tableau, is the one which reads it and makes something out of it based on the information provided by the doctype.

Here is an example of such a file with only the title:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>The title of our tableau</title>

If you want to make it work please comment bellow with what computer you have and I will do my best to help you.

Next time we will learn more about HTML.

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