Make the WWW an arty place

The purpose of this series of articles is to teach you what it is to know in order to understand “how to” internet and maybe even start learning things by yourself.

While thinking about it. This “internet” we are talking about and use looks a lot like painting and art rather then engines and fuel.

Some pages are nice, some are ugly, some are frightening. Just like the paintings themselves. Maybe that’s why we kind of like it and we appreciate the beautiful pages more.

While visiting I have noticed that the artists (regardless of their form of art) innovate and create beautiful works of art. There have been many occasions when the artists have driven the society’s progress forward. Yes, the technology helps us have easier lives and enable more time for ourselves but it is the creation that transforms the art into something beautiful.

There have always been the artists the ones to play with the shapes, lights and sounds in their mockups and the engineers who helped their imagination become reality.

Due to the above statements I will use art and mostly painting as the examples needed in order to build technical definitions one by one and help the artists promote their craft online.


  1. What is a web browser
  2. What is HTML
  3. HTML tree and HTML tags
  4. What it is CSS?
  5. How to link CSS to our HTML?
  6. Sprinkle magic dust over HTML with CSS
  7. Drawing for the first time