Be a fit in the team #2 – Being a bit too noisy

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welcome to the second article of the series related to how to be a good fit in the team. In the first article, “Be a fit in the team #1” , we have presented the stereotype of colleague who by trying to improve the communication ends up rising his cost and may end up slowing down the whole team.

Now, on the same article structure we will try to analyse why is not the best idea to be noisy.

Case presentation:

You have worked hard recently, spikes of work can happen. You have a well deserved relaxation period. You get to watch your favourite kind of clips over the internet and as you find them interesting you do share the content with your colleagues verbally.

The good:

Your colleagues save some time in searching for the shared information or may find new hobbies. This can be a team builder and can strengthen the relationships (given that the topic is generally accepted).

The bad:

It rarely happens that everyone has the same workload as you. In a lot more cases you end up being a disturbance factor. Indeed, not an un-wanted disturbance. When having to choose many will choose fun over work. Your cost will increase with the level of noise or curiosity you create.

If a colleague of yours needs to use headphones because of you and he misses a piece of information related to an implementation your cost increases with his cost per hour needed to fix it+ the cost of everyone else involved in the process.

If a team bursts into laugh due to your joke and the discussion continues for 10 minutes your cost increases with the sum of each individual’s 1/6*”cost per hour”.


Now take this into consideration when you expect the next raise. The fact that you are still employed might be more valuable then your raise. Just be happy with it and consider if you want or not to revise your attitude.

Before laughing or sharing a topic with the rest – especially live, put in balance if the team building factor is really necessary.

It is ok to share the topics on a communication channel chosen by the team that can easily be ignored by each member individually based on their needs. This allows you to share with the team into a civilised fashion.

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