Be a fit in the team #1 – Constantly interrupting your co-worker

Hello reader,

This article is part of a series related on finding out if there is a way to improve your status in your team. We will not treat only the social relationships but also the way in which your personality modifies your cost in an unexpected way. The information present in this article is based on my personal experience both as a tester and team in various companies. Where available resources will be cited.

Case presentation:

You are trying to improve the communication inside the team with your working partners by presenting your needs “live” to your colleague.

The good:

The information is sent faster. The issue at hand might be solved sooner.

The bad:

The team member you are talking to in order to solve the problem cannot work on another problem. Chances are that, as soon as he starts working, you will interrupt him with another urgent matter from the first task. As a consequence, you will be interrupted with the first occasion when the feedback is ready. This will stop you from your second task. This will continue in an iterative manner until the task at hand is completed.

Unless the whole team, is working on the very same task they will be at least slightly disturbed by your conversation. On the long run this results in different means of ignorance such as:
– headphones
– not paying attention to you voice tone anymore
– trying to focus more in order to overcome your conversation


By applying this way of working your cost increases without a valid gain. By not using this opportunity, the progress might be slower. An advice would be use this way of working only if the extra cost matters so much for the gain. If possible, get a room. Else at least stay close and be aware of the fact that it will be a long day.

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