BDD to the next level

Hello reader,

In this fine post I will write a story about the top level view on the BDD + Gerkin usage in a project.

Once upon a time in a land far far away the Qualitus Assuranceus, Developerus and Productus Ownerus were walking side by side. Little that they know about the Firespitter Comunicator-Braking Dragon. In their childhood all went fine. The Developerus was coming up with all those crazy ideas of gadgets. The Productus Ownerus was shooting requests all over the place and the Qualitus Assuranceus was listening to them. Because their yard was small and their parents were yet in power every evening they were sitting at the same table sharing thoughts. Oh such a beautiful world.

Soon the teenage period came. All of the grew more beautiful. They went to schools and specialized on this and that. The ideas were running even wilder. All of them teamed up with a pair of Bugs. Those Bugs brought their friends. The family was growing but the disaster was not so obvious yet. Mostly due to drinking when the thoughts came together again.

But one day, it happened. The clouds gathered, the sun was covered. The bugs caught wings. And they were rising higher and higher. Some became critically damaging to their family, even to their relationship. This was only the beginning!

Firespitter Comunicator-Braking Dragon joined the game. Spitting revenue loss and extra hours. Chaos itself landed on the project.

Gladly Cpt. BDD-erica came with a blue shield and mantle and restored peace.

The end.

This being the story, where do we go from now? Gerkin and BDD cover all the gaps of the story.

My thought is that the next step is to make it so that the testing framework creates a flow pattern of the application. This flow needs to become smart enough to ask questions about where it thinks that something will be decoupled. All will conclude in a graph of a project and testing a flow will become a query resulting in all the deviations of the possible ways to get from A to B.

The job of the QA should move upwards towards the client and be more business oriented. The goal would be to provide better requests to the developers team and the Product Owner should focus more on listening to what the users want.


This is tonight’s QA forecast.


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